Binaural beats waves that — stimulate the brain into different phases — during meditation.

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Why SoundHealz?

This app is powered by hundreds beneficial frequencies and naturaly occurring science called 'binaural beats'.

Various healing frequencies and binaural beats contribute positively to well-being and personal-development.

Ancient knowledge combined with modern technology makes these sonic journeys as beneficial as hours of meditation.

It is easy to use and perfect for both beginners and meditation masters.

All you have to do is listen to the recording and let the frequencies do the rest.

Our users report positive effects after just five minutes meditating.

How it works?

Impact on
— the brain.

Binaural beat is a frequency that is created by the brain after hearing two different frequencies, one of which is sent to the left ear and the other to the right ear. Upon hearing the two tones simultaneously, the brain is entrained to the mathematical difference between these two tones. So it essentially produces a third frequency, which is heard as a rhythmic pulsation.

Delta waves

Delta brain waves are the best when it comes to deep sleep, empaty, pain relief, healing, anti-aging, intuition, relaxation.

Theta waves

Theta waves are assocated with deep relaxation, creativity, heightened intuition, and with early stages of sleep.

Alpha waves

Alpha brain waves are the best when it comes to focus, getting in the creative zone, relaxation, stress release.

Beta waves

Beta waves are connected to the mind being active or working, and connected to being focused and sharp, as well as critical thinking.

Gamma waves

They are associated with the “feeling of blessings” and extremely high levels of cognitive functioning. They enhance learning, hyper-sharp focus...

01. Prepare
— put your headphones on and find a comfortable place.

02. Breathe
— your spine should be strait and your breath deep (belly breathing) while sitting or lying.

03. Meditate
— choose the session you need and start meditating.

04. Feel better
— experience the benefits of sonic meditation in just few minutes.

Meditation courses.

Sonic entrainment 

— meditations.

We will guide you through the steps you have to take in order to get into your meditation posture and follow a sonic resonance SoundHealz meditation.

Intro Guides

Simple guides to help you understand, and guide you through a sonic meditative process.

Daily Goals

To keep you improving, sonic meditations give you challenges to strive for.

Unlock Levels

Every day you'll be able to unlock new level that will help you improve yourself and learn new things.

Progress Feedback

You'll see how you did through a series of graphs and charts. Your results are saved in a private account.

Instant help
— 5min pill’s.

Short & powerful sonic pills great for easing or enhancing a state on mind/body/soul level in the present moment.

— mode.

List of guided and long-play unguided meditation sonic baths and sessions that you can play while working, being active, driving...etc

Guided meditations

These 15 min guided meditations have an impact as hours of meditating.

Infinite Mode

For worriless meditation you can play the track you love in infinite mode.


Move forward through a recording or go backwards to previous point on timelne.

Easy Switch

This meditations are made to be like regular music player. Easy switch from one recording to another.

Increase Happiness

This meditation sessions uses a blend of alpha waves to sweep your mind clean of unhelpful, negative thoughts.

Activity Boost

Boost yourself. Feel energized, motivated, and confident after completing activity of any kind.

Stay Focused

Stay focused for long periods without the use of drugs or medications. You'll be able to achieve more in less time.


Sleep binaural beats sessions will help you fall asleep in minutes. Your sleep will be continuous, without waking every hour.


Relaxation meditation sessions will help you relax in minutes. At the end of the session you will feel peaceful and calm.

Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction sessions will literally wash away your worries, giving your body and mind the time needed to restore balance and mental strength


It’s time to be really being present in the moment. This program is made to bring you back to this kind of awareness.

Out Of Body

The Out Of Body sessions helps you to achieve an OBE while lying in the comfort of your bed.

Anexity Release

You'll be able to overcome an anxiety attack in minutes and quickly get back to your normal routine.


Self-esteem meditation training will implant in your brain the beliefs that you are valuable, worthy, and deserving as a human being.

Power Nap

Power Nap meditation session is designed to refresh your mind and body for a productive second half of the day.


Your depression symptoms will be reduced, and your mood will improved immediately.

Energy Drink

Energy Drink is concentrated energy. It will eliminate tiredness or drowsiness in minutes.

Wake Up

If you're sleepy and need to wake up fast, this track is exactly what you're looking for.

App Statistics

Improve your
— well-being.

Every day, you’ll see how you did through a series of graphs and charts. Use the SoundHealz app to follow your progress over time and learn new things about your own mind. To help keep you motivated and improving, SoundHealz also gives you challenges and bonuses to strive for.

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Rose Joane

Wow, this app is amazing, wonderful, exhilarating. Thank you SO much for everything. This is definitely the best meditation tool I have ever tried. Love it, love, love it, thank you .

Scarlet Haffman

Do I recommend it? Absolutely YES. Go for it. This is one of my favorite applications right now. Listening to the sound of binaural beats calms my mind... I like it! 😍

Kelly Joane

SoundHealz is an app that teaches you how to meditate. It is kind of genius and it has improved the quality of my life. I use it every single day.

Chelsea Brewster

SoundHealz has helped ground me, focus me, and remind me of my intentions in becoming a better me through daily meditations. 🍃 I will definitely direct friends to download this app. It's wonderful how alternative therapies like yours are finally making their way into the mainstream, slowly but surely. 🙌

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